Academic Partners

The University of Oregon Urban Farm enjoys a vast array of important partnerships with academic units from across the university spectrum. Our outdoor classroom serves as a vibrant living laboratory that provides a venue for discovery and expression, one which hosts dozens of different classes, group projects and researchers each year.

Department of Landscape ArchitectureAs the only Landscape Architecture program in the nation that maintains and utilizes its own living Urban Farm as part of its curriculum, our department continues to demonstrate and celebrate the role food has in shaping place.

Environmental Studies Program: ENVS students make up the largest constituency that take Urban Farm course and/or earn internship credit working at the farm. The award winning ENVS Environmental Leadership Program regularly integrates student work into the Urban Farm. Additionally, LA 390 Urban Farm qualifies for credit within the ENVS Food Studies Program, either as part of an undergraduate minor degree or toward a Graduate Specialization.

Department of Architecture: The Urban Farm operates within the School of Architecture and Environment whose creation was specifically designed to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. As such, Architecture students have the unique opportunity to access the rich base of  garden specific knowledge and design example that come with having our own garden classroom program.

School of Planning, Public Policy and ManagementStudents in some of the PPPM programs have the flexibility to customize their field of interest work to take advantage of offerings throughout the university, including courses at the Urban Farm. Graduate students in PPPM can also earn the 18-credit graduate specialization in Food Studies.

UO Office of Sustainability: The mission of this office is to lead the integration of sustainability into the University of Oregon’s operations, curriculum, co-curriculum, research and engagement with the broader community. The Office of Sustainability regularly utilizes the resources of the Urban Farm in its work. Read about Project Tomato

UO Student Food Pantry: Each Thursday from 4pm to 6pm, during Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms, the Student Food Pantry opens it’s doors and provides free food to students who show their student ID. They are located at 1329 E 19th Ave, Eugene, Oregon. 

Student Sustainability CenterThe Student Sustainability Center (SSC) is a collaborative space for student-led initiatives that foster the simultaneous pursuit of human equity, environmental vitality, and economic well-being in the present and future, where students develop the skills, strategies, and networks necessary to work towards their vision of society. Working in tandem with the Urban Farm Program, the SSC oversees the Grove Community Garden. The ‘Grove’ is the university student community garden where students can lease space and materials to grow their own food on campus. 

These are just a few of the recent courses across campus that are connected to the Urban Farm:

  • LA 390: Urban Farm (Keeler, et al)
  • LA 406/606: Special Problems, Urban Farm (Keeler)
  • LA 410/510: Civic Agriculture (Keeler)
  • LA 489/589: Design Studio (Godfrey, Ryan)
  • LA 328: Plants (Duhrkoop-Galas, Densmore)
  • LA 410/510: Drawing the Landscape (Godfrey)
  • LA 227: Intro to Landscape Architecture (Ryan)
  • ENVS 225: Intro to Food Studies (Wooten)
  • ENVS 467/567: Sustainable Agriculture (Martin)
  • ENVS 477/577: Soil Science (Hoppel)
  • ENVS 607: Food Matters/Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Wooten)
  • LAW 610: Food, Farming and Sustainability (Fakhri)
  • BI 488/588: Field Botany (Holmes)
  • BI 442/542: Systemic Botany (Policha)
  • BI 306: Pollination Biology (Wetherwax)
  • BI 372: Field Biology (Roy)
  • INTL 399: Global Food Security (Martin)
  • J 205/206: Gateway to Media 1 & 2 (Blaine)
  • Geog 468: Contemporary Food Systems (McLees)